The Billing center manages all financial aspects of your Stent experience. You can change your payment details, assign invoice recipients, consult your past and current invoices, and more.

This section can be specifically assigned to an administrator who has the Billing role. You can learn more about roles here.

The Billing center consists of three sub-menus:

  • Account

  • Payment Options

  • Invoices


Enter your billing address in the Account sub-menu.

You can also add a recipient who will receive the invoices by email. This recipient does not necessarily have to be an administrator or a member of your workspace. To do this:

  1. Click the Add recipient button.

  2. Enter the recipient's last name, first name, and email address.

  3. Click Add.

The newly-added recipient will now appear in the Account menu.

You can add, modify, or delete a recipient at any time.

Once you're done, click Save Modifications.

Payment Options

The Payment Options section is where you will add your credit card details for automated payment.

By default, this section is empty, since Stent doesn't require any credit card details to subscribe. We strongly recommend entering a credit card to automate your payments. To do this:

1. Click Add a payment option in the top right corner of your screen

2. Fill in the pop-up window with your credit card number and its expiry date.

3. Click Submit.

You can remove a credit card, or even add multiple cards if necessary.


All of your invoices will be stored in the Invoices section.

Invoices are ordered chronologically to facilitate browsing. As well, if you have several workspaces, all invoices will be grouped by month.

The table displays the workspace name, the type of plan used, the invoice number, the date of creation, the due date, the date of payment, the payment status, and the amount. The total amount for the month is displayed in the top right corner of the table.

You can view an invoice by clicking its number, and download it by clicking the download icon:

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