Using media short links

When you share a media on social networks or in a messaging campaign, you have the option of using its short link.

A short link is a permanent link to the content whose address is shortened to the following format:<series of 8 random characters>

Using a short link instead of the original URL allows you to count the number of clicks on the content.

If the short link is shared in a private message, you can see who viewed the content by name.

Short links are available for all of the media in a workspace. A short link is generated automatically when a media is created.

Short links are immutable. A short link cannot be changed once it has been shared, in order to ensure redirection to the original content.

  1. Access the list of media, available by choosing Content > Media in the left menu.

  2. Click the Edit button of the media whose short link you want to get.

  3. The media's short link is displayed in the Short link field under the thumbnail.

Each click on a short link is counted. To avoid falsifying your statistics, avoid clicking on the short link yourself.

When you share content through the publication calendar or when a workspace member shares newsfeed content from the mobile app, the media's short link is automatically used.

You can insert the short link of a media in your solicitation campaign messages.

This way, you'll be able to see who clicked on your link, in addition the number of clicks. You'll also be able to see the distribution of the number of clicks per campaign.

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