Customizing message content

You can insert tags in messages that will be replaced by their contextual values when the message is sent.

For example, the tag below will be replaced by the contact's first name when sending the message.

Hi {{firstName}}, please join my LinkedIn network.

Tag format

Tags are contained between two opening braces and two closing braces as in the example below:


If the tag name is not recognized or if the corresponding value is empty at the time of sending, it will be deleted from the message and will not be visible to the contact.

Inserting a tag in a message

In the message editor, you can enter the tag code where you want to insert its value, or click the corresponding button at the top of the editor.

Available tags



Contact's last name.



Contact's first name.



Contact's approximate age.



Contact's gender, either female for women or male for men.



Contact's country of residence.



Industry in which the contact's current company operates.

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