Configuring a finder based on an Excel file of companies

You can upload an Excel file containing company information and then find the corresponding LinkedIn corporate pages.

Quick setup

Create a new finder, then apply the following configuration:

  1. Select Excel spreadsheet as the source type.

  2. Select Contacts as the output type.

  3. Give your finder a name in the Name field in order to easily identify it.

  4. In the Owner field, select the member who has a valid LinkedIn Sales Navigator license.

  5. Click the Click here to open the upload window button, then choose the Excel file containing the data.

  6. In the Map columns section, associate the fields in your Excel file with the search criteria supported by the finder.

  7. Click the Save finder button.



Finder's distinctive name.


Finder owner. This is the account that will be used to identify the contact corresponding to the data contained in the Excel file.

Additional members

Additional members whose LinkedIn accounts will speed up the retrieval and enrichment of the profiles returned in the search results.

Managing finder members

Import XLS file

You must upload the Excel file containing your data and then associate the columns with the finder search criteria. To do this, click the Click here to open the upload window button and then choose the Excel file on your local computer or on one of the listed file storage services. Once the file has been uploaded, you'll access the field associations table.

First row contains column names

Check this checkbox if your file contains the column names in the cells of the first row of the spreadsheet.

Field associations

The fields in your Excel file can be associated with the search criteria below in order to find the company that best matches your data.



Company name

Company name

LinkedIn ID

Represents the part between brackets in the company page URL<LinkedIn ID>

LinkedIn URL

Company's LinkedIn page URL in the following format:<LinkedIn ID>

LinkedIn URN

Company's internal LinkedIn identifier

If you associate one of the following three fields in order of priority, the rest of the associated fields will be ignored:

  • LinkedIn URN

  • LinkedIn ID

  • LinkedIn URL

If none of these fields are associated, you must associate the Company name field.

If several companies match the criteria, the one whose name is closest to the result will be used.

Finder status

A finder can be started or stopped. If started, it will continue to retrieve new results according to its scheduling parameters. If stopped, no more new search results will be retrieved.

Scheduling a finder

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