Configuring a finder based on people cited in Google News

You can choose to retrieve the LinkedIn profiles of people cited in web news by configuring a daily search.

Quick setup

Create a new finder, then apply the following configuration:

  1. Select Google news as the source type.

  2. Select Contacts as the output type.

  3. Give your finder a name in the Name field in order to easily identify it.

  4. In the Owner field, select the member who has a valid LinkedIn Sales Navigator license.

  5. Enter your content search parameters in the Keywords field as you would in a standard Google search.

  6. Click the Save finder button.



Finder's distinctive name.


Finder owner. This is the account that will be used to identify the contact corresponding to names contained in the news using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The selected member must have a valid LinkedIn Sales Navigator license. The contacts found will also be marked as seen in the finder owner's LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

Additional members

Additional members whose LinkedIn accounts will speed up the retrieval and enrichment of the profiles returned in the search results.

pageManaging finder members


Search terms as in a standard Google search.

All Google search terms (such as inurl: site: intitle:) are supported.

News type

Type of news to search, either All news to search in all available news or Blogs only to restrict the search to blogs only.


Language to use for search results. Corresponds to the Google search hl parameter.


Country to use for search results. Corresponds to the Google search gl parameter.

Finder status

A finder can be started or stopped. If started, it will continue to retrieve new results according to its scheduling parameters. If stopped, no more new search results will be retrieved.

pageScheduling a finder

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