Scheduling a finder


A finder is run automatically at different times of the day depending on the scheduling parameters that have been configured.

When a finder is run, it will retrieve the next results from the data source associated to it and will then enrich them with all of the possible information found on the contact or the company.

The number of results processed at runtime can be configured for each finder.

A finder can be started or stopped. If started, it will continue to retrieve new results according to its scheduling parameters. If stopped, no more new search results will be retrieved.


Finder status

Allows you to start or stop a finder.

If a finder is stopped, no more new search results will be retrieved.

The status of a finder can be checked either from the list of finders in the Status column, or by using the Start finder and Stop finder buttons in the finder's edit form.

Finder schedule

Finder scheduling settings. These allow you to configure the finder's time zone and the execution slots.

Time zone

The selected time zone applies to the execution ranges configured for the finder.

Execution slots

Allows you to control the frequency and duration of each execution slot.

Cohort size

Number of results to retrieve per execution slot. This value must be between 1 and 25 results.

Compliance rules

Daily limits

Each result counts as a profile view in LinkedIn. Depending on your LinkedIn license level, you are subject to more or less permissive quotas.

To respect these quotas, for each member you must adjust:

  • the number of finders started,

  • the number of execution slots, and

  • the number of results to retrieve by execution slot.

In general, we advise you not to exceed 100 views of profiles per day and per member, 50 being our recommendation.

Minimum duration

The execution slot duration allows you to distribute profile views over time. Each result will be retrieved according to a random schedule during the execution slot.

By default, an execution slot lasts one hour, which is the minimum recommended time to process a maximum of 25 results.

Consistency with associated campaigns

If a finder is used by a campaign, its scheduling must be consistent with that of the campaign:

  • The finder must have at least as many execution slots as the campaign, otherwise the campaign could run empty if there aren't enough results available.

  • The finder's execution slot must finish before the campaign's execution slot begins, otherwise some profiles would not be complete by the time the campaign starts and thus could not be used.

  • The size of a finder's cohort must be at least equivalent to that of the campaign, otherwise the campaign might not have enough results available to process.

  • The finder's time zone must be identical to that of the campaign so that their execution slots are consistent and can be linked.

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