Integrating a personal link in a message

You can insert short links to media in your campaign messages.

This way, you'll be able to know who clicked on your link, as well as the number of clicks. You'll also be able to know the distribution of the number of clicks per campaign.

When you insert a short link to a media in the content of one of the campaign messages, its address will be automatically rewritten when the message is sent to be unique and associated with the recipient of the message.

When the recipient of the message clicks on the link, their action will be recorded in the contact's Journey section.

A personal link is linked to the person who clicks it, so don't click it yourself in order to avoid falsifying your statistics.

  1. In the message editing area, click the Media button.

  2. Select the media whose link you want to insert by clicking the Insert this media button.

The URL that you'll see appear in the post is the short link to the media. It will be personalized when sent to a contact, with its value replaced by a unique version linked to the message recipient.

You can find out if one of your contacts clicked one of your links by consulting the Journey section of their profile.

To see all of the contacts who clicked a link, you can filter on the Clicked segment from the Audience > Contacts list.

Clicks on personal links are tallied in the associated media's click counter.

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