A media is content that can be shared on social media or in messaging campaigns, and whose reach and audience measurements can be quantified and analyzed.

Creating a new media

You can create a media by choosing Content > Media in the left menu, then clicking the Create a media button at the top right of the screen.

  1. Enter the URL of your content in the Original URL field.

  2. Enter the title of the content in the Title field.

  3. Add a summary of the content in the Summary field.

  4. Choose a thumbnail for the content by entering the URL of an image in the Picture URL field, or by clicking the button and selecting an image stored on your local computer or on an online storage service.

  5. Click the Save media button.

List of workspace media

You can access the list of a workspace's media by choosing Content > Media in the left menu.

Description of columns


Thumbnail of content used when shared on social networks.


Title and summary of the media used when shared on social networks, along with the media's creation date and the link to open the original content in a new tab.

Available actions


Allows you to edit an existing media.


Allows you to archive a media.

The archiving operation is irreversible.