List of workspace segments

Description of columns


Segment's distinctive name.


Scope of the segment.

A segment can be tenant scope, indicating that the segment contains contacts solicited by any workspace member, or identity, indicating that the segment contains only contacts solicited by the segment owner.


Number of contacts corresponding to the segment criteria.


Indicates whether the segment is active (green background) or inactive (red background). An active segment will verify whether or not a contact corresponds to its criteria upon any modification or action by the contact in question. An inactive segment will process each contact in the workspace sequentially only when the segment is rebuilt.

Available actions


Allows the modification of an existing segment.


Allows segment archiving. An archived segment is automatically stopped and no longer appears in the list of segments.

The archiving operation is irreversible.

Rebuild this segment

Allows you to rebuild the segment by processing each contact in the workspace sequentially.

If the segment is tenant scope, all the contacts in the workspace are taken into account. If the segment is identity scope, only the contacts requested by the owner of the segment are taken into account.

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