Composing messages in different languages

If you're targeting a multilingual audience in your campaigns, you can write your messages in multiple languages.

Creating a variation for a specific language

You can create a variation of your message in a specific language that will be sent to contacts with the corresponding detected language.

  1. In the message editor, click in the Add new language zone.

  2. Choose the language to which you want to translate your message.

  3. Click the tab that's added with the name of the selected language.

  4. Compose the translation of the message.

Deleting a variation

To delete a variation, click the arrow to the right of the language you want to remove, then click the Remove button.

Contact language detection

The contact's language is determined by analyzing elements contained in their profile, such as their title, their introductory paragraph or the descriptions of their positions.

The first language in the profile will be used as the contact's detected language if they have a profile in more than one language.

Version of message sent

When sending a message to a contact, the version of the message corresponding to the contact's detected language will be used. If no version matches, the default message will be sent.

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