The Activity menu shows your activity for the day and helps you engage on LinkedIn. This menu is based on your calendar. Each day's activity is recorded and can be consulted at any time.

Your Activity menu displays two types of information:

  • Your daily campaign activity

  • Your daily Stent suggestions

Campaign activity

If you're an Ambassador for a Lead Gen or an Employee Advocacy campaign, you'll receive your daily campaign activity through your Stent Personal Assistant.

A Lead Gen campaign's activity looks like this:

A Lead Gen activity list will always display:

  1. The workspace logo

  2. The name of the campaign on top (EA_4.EURen_management in the above screenshot)

  3. The number of invitations

  4. Your contact's avatar in a circle

  5. Your contact's last name, first name, position, and company

  6. An action button on the right

The Lead Gen activity list is always displayed against a dark grey background. This is to differentiate it from the daily Stent suggestions.

An Employee Advocacy campaign's activity looks like this:

Daily Stent suggestions

The Stent mobile app is first and foremost an engagement application for LinkedIn. The app will therefore send you a daily set of suggestions to help you publish on LinkedIn and connect with some interesting prospects.

Daily contact suggestions

Stent analyzes your profile and suggests to you 10 contacts every day. These are contacts that appear interesting and that our artificial intelligence believes could be of interest to you.

A contact suggestion looks like this:

Note that each suggestion is displayed in its own box and that there is no campaign name above them, as opposed to with a Lead Gen campaign.

Daily publication suggestions

Stent analyzes your profile and suggests to you 10 articles for publication every day. These articles are selected by Stent so that you can share them and thus create engagement with your audience on LinkedIn.

A publication suggestion looks like this:

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