The Users menu manages your Administrators. Administrators can be assigned different roles according to your needs. These roles will determine which actions they will be allowed to perform.

The interface is simple and clear.

The table displays your ambassadors' names and roles.

You can filter your ambassadors list by name or by role.

Adding new Administrators

1. Click the Invite button in the top right corner.

2. Enter the email address of the new Administrator.

3. Select at least one role.

4. Click Send.

The newly-invited Administrator will receive an invitation email to join your administration. The system will notify you when the invitation was sent. You can also resend an invitation if needed.

Click Edit to modify the account. Click the arrow next to it to delete an administrator.


There are four different roles in Stent:

  • Billing manager

  • Organization manager

  • Users manager

  • Workspaces manager

Each role gives particular responsibilities to your administrators. You can give one or several roles to your team.

The navigation menu will change according to the roles given.

Billing manager

The Billing manager is exclusively in charge of the Billing sub-menu and its management. A Billing manager will be able to view invoices, manage the credit card payments and also choose invoice recipients. Click here to learn more about billing.

Organization manager

The Organization manager is an overall manager. They have all of the rights and can perform all of the actions of the other roles.

Users manager

The Users manager is only allowed to manage the other administrators, and only has access to the Users menu.

Workspaces manager

The Workspaces manager handles of all the workspaces in the Workspace menu. They can create, edit, and delete workspaces, as well as organize access to workspaces. Click here to learn more about workspaces.

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