Configuring a finder based on a LinkedIn Recruiter saved search

You can configure a saved search for contacts in LinkedIn Recruiter to retrieve the results.

Quick setup

Create a new finder, then apply the following configuration:

  1. Select LinkedIn Recruiter saved search as the source type.

  2. Select Contacts as the output type.

  3. In the Owner field, select the member who has a LinkedIn Recruiter license.

  4. In the Search field, select the saved search containing the results to retrieve.

  5. Give your finder a name in the Name field in order to easily identify it.

  6. Click the Save finder button.


Saved search template


Member whose LinkedIn Recruiter account has the project and saved search whose results you want to retrieve. The Me option allows you to select a saved search located in your own LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Saved search that you want to use as a template for the finder. Searches are grouped by project.

Finder configuration


Finder's distinctive name.

Additional members

Additional members whose LinkedIn accounts will speed up the retrieval and enrichment of the profiles returned in the saved search results. These members don't need their own LinkedIn Recruiter licenses.

Additional members can also use the finder search results for their own campaigns.

pageManaging finder members

Audience size

Allows you to view the number of results in the LinkedIn saved search.

The number of results may vary depending on the owner of the finder. It depends on the distance between the finder owner and the people found in the search (level 1, 2, 3, or non-network contacts), as well as on exclusion criteria configured in the saved search filters.

Finder status

A finder can be started or stopped. If started, it will continue to retrieve new results according to its scheduling parameters. If stopped, no more new search results will be retrieved.

pageScheduling a finder

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