Suggesting content to share to workspace members

When scheduling content to be shared in the editorial calendar from the Content > Calendar menu, you can choose the Newsfeed destination type to add media to the share suggestions that are accessible to the relevant workspace members from the Newsfeed section of their mobile app.

Publication process


Select the content to suggest from the workspace media list.


Choose Newsfeed as the destination type.

Start date

Date as of which the content will be suggested.

End date

Date until which the content will be suggested.

If you don't specify an end date, the content will remain visible in suggested content in the Newsfeed section of the mobile app.


Workspace members who will receive the suggestion. You can choose the Workspace value if you want the content to be suggested to all workspace members.

Do not resend

Prevent workspace members from sharing the same content twice.


Message to accompany the post when shared in the LinkedIn news feed.

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