Sharing content on a LinkedIn corporate page managed by a workspace member

When scheduling content in the editorial calendar from the Content > Calendar menu, you can choose the LinkedIn corporate page destination type to automatically share the content on the LinkedIn corporate page managed by one or more workspace members.

Publication process


Select the content to suggest from the workspace media list.


Choose LinkedIn corporate page as the destination type.

Start date / End date

The content will be shared randomly on a date between the date selected in the Start date field and the date selected in the End date field.

If you enable the Approval option, the start date must be after the date of the day following the scheduling.


Workspace member who is administrator of the LinkedIn corporate page on which you want to share content.

Corporate page

List of LinkedIn corporate pages administered by the selected member.

Do not resend

Prevent workspace members from sharing the same content twice on the same corporate feed.


Message to accompany the post when shared in the LinkedIn news feed.


When this option is enabled, a notification is sent the day before the scheduled publication date to the member who will be sharing the content. The member can then choose to reject the publication from the Activity section of the mobile app.

If they accept the publication, the member can modify the message up until the time of publication.

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