Campaign naming rules

Naming elements

When you create a campaign, you must associate a name and a program with it. You can enter any value in these fields. However, adopting a logical naming convention will provide you with several benefits, as detailed below.

The campaign creation form allows you to easily reuse previously used campaign and program names. To do this, start typing a name and the campaign or program names already in use will appear.

Campaign name

Campaign's distinctive name.

This name doesn't have to be unique; it can be assigned to several campaigns.

We advise you to keep this name as short as possible while using meaningful terms. These terms could refer to the campaign's objective, the target audience's profile or geography, the campaign's execution period, etc.

For example, an invitation campaign for directors on the West Coast of the United States launched in the first quarter could be: invite-Clevel-US-westcoast-Q1

Program name

Name of the program to which the campaign belongs.

A program lets you group multiple campaigns.

As much as possible, try to reuse the same program name for a set of campaigns that can be logically grouped.

For example, you could group all of your invitation campaigns for the year 2020 under the program name network-growth-2020


By assigning the same campaign names and the same program names to the campaigns of several workspace members, you will be able to:

Benefit from a better visual organization of your campaign lists

Campaigns are grouped by program name and campaign name in your workspace dashboard.

Aggregate statistics by program and by campaign

Statistics for campaigns with the same name or associated with the same programs are automatically aggregated in your workspace dashboard.

Avoid soliciting the same contacts for the same campaign

Assigning the same campaign name and program name to multiple workspace members' campaigns targeting the same audience can help ensure that contacts aren't solicited by multiple members for the same campaign.

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