A nurturing campaign sends a personalized message or sequence of messages to one of the workspace members' LinkedIn connections.

List of workspace nurturing campaigns

You can access the list of a workspace's nurturing campaigns by choosing Campaigns > Nurtures in the left menu.

Description of columns


Workspace member who is the invitation sender.

Name / Program

Name of the campaign and associated program, followed by the number of messages configured in the campaign, then the name of the source providing the contacts to use in the campaign.


Campaign's state of health, which indicates the campaign's execution status.

Today progress

Real time campaign execution monitoring.


Number of messages sent.


Number of clicks on links contained in campaign messages.


Number of replies received following the sending of campaign messages, followed by a visual indicator indicating whether the responses received were on average positive or neutral (yellow face), or negative (red face). The tipping point value is 50%. Hover the mouse over the indicator to see the exact value of the average.


Indicates whether the campaign is active (green background) or inactive (red background). When active, a campaign runs according to the configured time zone and schedule.

Available actions


Allows you to modify an existing campaign.


Allows you to archive a campaign. An archived campaign is automatically stopped and no longer appears in the list of campaigns.

The archiving operation is irreversible.

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