Managing workspace members

List of workspace members

You can access the list of a workspace's members by choosing Team > Members in the left menu.

Description of columns


Full name with the member's profile picture and description of the member. This information is retrieved from the user's LinkedIn profile when they register for the mobile application.

If you want to update a member's profile with their last profile photo, or in the event of a name or title change, that member must refresh their profile from the mobile application.


Member's Social Selling Index score. This represents the strength of their profile on the LinkedIn network. The score is from 0 to 100% and is based on the following four criteria:

  1. The establishment of the user's personal brand on LinkedIn.

  2. The user's ability to find the right people to grow their LinkedIn network.

  3. The frequency and the quality of the information shared by the user on their LinkedIn newsfeed.

  4. The ease of the user to get in touch with other contacts on LinkedIn.

The score is updated every day at midnight.

Stent helps you improve your SSI score and keep it high. By following the recommendations and daily steps of the program through the mobile application, you'll maximize your engagement potential on LinkedIn.

Account type

The type of the member's LinkedIn subscription, from the following:



Standard LinkedIn account

Premium LinkedIn account

LinkedIn Sales Navigator account

LinkedIn Recruiter account

A green, orange, or red mark may appear in the top right corner of the subscription icon. This status indicates the subscription status according to LinkedIn. If the mark is orange or red, you can get the detailed status by hovering the mouse over the mark.


Indicates whether the member's account is active (green background) or inactive (red background). An active member indicates that the delegation of their LinkedIn profile is operational and can be used to launch campaigns or share content.

The account can be activated or deactivated by clicking the toggle button.

An account can be made inactive if the corresponding user logs out of the mobile application. In this case, the user must reconnect to the mobile application to be able to reactivate it.


Indicates whether the member's account is an administrator (green background) or a standard member (red background).

Administrators are able to connect to the web application, while standard members don't have access to it. Standard members simply delegate their LinkedIn identities for launching campaigns and sharing content. They control the actions from the mobile app.

Administrators have all of the permissions required to manage the configuration of their work teams.

Available actions


Deletes the member from the workspace.

Once the member is deleted, all of their campaigns will be deactivated and will no longer be accessible.

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